Yolanda Hatcher

Of Spirit & Fire

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Didn't they tell you?

All the Fairy Tales are real.

Think being a teen is tough? Try it with a crown. And just to make things interesting, let's throw in drop-dead gorgeous looks and a serious superiority complex.

Yup, that's us – Levi and Adria Alaris, your favorite royal twins, all grown up and ready to save our realm.

No pressure, right?

Picture this: magic, mayhem, and oh, did we mention college life? Yeah, we're juggling it all – classes, crushes, a war and a prophecy that's knocking on our realm's door, threatening everything we know and love. We're talking dangerous enemies within and without. As if manifesting our powers and family drama aren't enough.

Ready for a rollercoaster that includes more than just first dates and algebra tests? Buckle up – it's time to find out what happens when destiny and teenage hormones collide.

Missed the Ascension Series trilogy? You can totally read our story as a stand-alone. But trust us, diving into the Ascension Series first is like striking it as rich as we are.

Let's challenge fate, one mistake at a time.