Descension: Volume III
Yolanda Hatcher

Descension: Volume III

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Parker's losing touch with who he once was. His mind echoes with memories from a realm that shouldn't exist. Sometimes, he'd close his eyes and almost believe he'd lived another life, one in a realm filled with magic and prophecies. It couldn't be real; those delusions had landed him in the mental institution in the first place.

Luna, scarred by a tragic mistake, is now a mother determined to shape her own destiny. Luna's past held a love she could never forget, a love that almost led to her Ascension until it all crumbled. Her mate was gone, and she bears the guilt as heavy as her crown.

As the epic battle between Dark and Light draws to a close, these two unlikely heroes are thrust into a cosmic showdown. Their quest for answers could reshape entire realms, but destiny has other plans. Will they find the power to rewrite their stories, or are they mere pawns in a cosmic game?

Prepare for the electrifying conclusion where love, duty, and magic collide, and where reality itself defies the ordinary.