Ascension: Volume I
Yolanda Hatcher

Ascension: Volume I

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Parker Stevens is not who he thinks he is. After eleven mind-numbing years in a mental institution for a grave mistake that happened when he was just a teen, he's finally released back into a world he no longer recognizes. Crippled by his dark past, he begins to question his reality.

Until he meets her.

Parker can't explain it, but he's head over heels. She isn't just a girl; she's the whole damn story.

Luna Ainsworth - she's more than the pretty face she's been made out to be. A mysterious woman, as radiant as the sun, stuck in a twisted situation, living with the man who kidnapped her as a child and now forces her to play the role of his lover.

Parker and Luna's encounter is no mere coincidence; it is a convergence of fate and magic. Whenever they're near, it's as though the very fabric of reality trembles.

In a world where desire blurs the lines between darkness and light, can love conquer all, or will it be their undoing?. What if love is the only way to bridge the gap between good and evil?