Ascension: Volume II
Yolanda Hatcher

Ascension: Volume II

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Parker Stevens, now Cassien Alaris, has undergone a jaw-dropping transformation. He's now Prince of the Dark Court, a whole new league of powerful. Stronger, faster, and shrouded in darkness. He's owning it, even if it means bidding farewell to the one he holds dear. The allure of the Darkness is irresistible.

Luna Ainsworth's life has always been a matter of duty, not choice. As Queen of the Elite Light Tylwyth Teg, she's tasked with saving the entire realm, and that comes with its own set of sacrifices. The battle against Darkness demands everything, even if it means losing a piece of herself.

In a world painted with magic, bound by ancient prophecies, and stained with generations of animosity, the line between Dark and Light blurs. Love becomes the ultimate wildcard. Can it end the battle, or will it prove to be the very obstacle that stands in the way of peace?