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House Chart Final



Tylwyth Teg (Ty-with-teg) – Welsh name for Fair Folk. Mythological creatures that consist of: Sylphs, Nymphs, Druids, Elves, The Fae, The Coraniad, and Pixies.

Coraniad (Cor-an-knee-id) – A race of Welsh speaking Tylwyth Teg with superior hearing that were created when Angels came down from Elysium and mated with The Fae.

Elysium– Heaven

Annwn (Ann-win) – Located in the British Isles; a realm that exists on Earth that is parallel to the human realm. Annwn does not have electricity or other human inventions. The realm is sustained by the magic of its occupants.

Arc– A human hour

Period– The sum of twenty-four arcs

Division– A period of thirty days

Annum– Twelve divisions



The Light Court 

 Ruled by the Summer Court, and to a lesser extent, the Spring Court, the Light Court are those who make up of all Houses and lineages. Blessed by the Court of Inner Light by the Angels of Elysium. 

 After years of betrayal, deceit and war among the races of Annwn, Elysium appointed the future Queen of the throne to be ascended with the Half Breed Prince of the Dark Court in order to bring the lands together once and for all. Generations of Prophecies were put in place to guide the preordained together 


The Dark Court 

 The races of the Dark Court tend towards malevolence and are guided by the Royalty of the Winter and sometimes the Autumn Court. Dark Tylwyth Teg are often merciless and are likely to be aggressive without provocation. 

 In the past, fallen Angels presided over the Dark Court and wanted to rid Annwn of Light Tylwyth Teg forever due to injustices that trickle down from generations of bad blood. All sympathizers are banished with no questions asked.  

 Often misunderstood, it’s easy to see the issues among the races from both sides. We come to find that not all sides are just black or white. There are often gray areas when dealing with the Tylwyth Teg 


The Courtless 

 Some Tylwyth Teg prefer to go about their own business and not get involved in the politics of the Courts. They are known as Courtless. They are looked down upon for their race as well as their position in society. They equally belong to all Houses and can be Dark and Light without claiming one over the other. Common Courtless races are Nymphs, Elves and Sprites, and Druids. 

 The Courtless tend to have magic that frighten the Elite Tylwyth Teg. Rumors claimed that Courtless magic is the same magic acquired by the Dark Court when they claim Darkness. This may be viewed as unholy or evil magic. More commonly called Spirit Magic, it involves a sacrifice which lends a part of oneself to evil in exchange for the ability to shape, gain from the dark benefits it offers. However, this magic is not to be confused with the magic of the Druids, Nymphs, Elves, and Sprites, as it is pure and powerful and varies according to the wielder.  





Yellow– (air, speed: Autumn)

Red– (fire, heat: Summer)

Green– (earth, nature: Spring)

Blue– (water, ice: Winter)

Purple– (Spirit and Matter: through Ascension)




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